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Automatic Sliding Doors

Entrance systems encompasses a wide range of products including Automatic doors, Revolving doors, Toughened Glass assemblies, Door controls and structural fittings for Glass Architectural Facades.


Offers universal integration capabilities and outstanding operational flexibility with maximum scope in mind.


Microprocessors control ensures superior user convenience whatever the entrance door system selected.


Automatic Sliding Systems also satisfy the stringent requirements governing approval for use in Emergency exit and escape routes.


Automatic sliding Systems aligned to the highest demands in terms of design elegance, convenience, reliability, safety and optimum through-passage dimensions. Automatic sliding Systems can be integrated with the Building Management System, The Emergency Exit System and the Security Time and Access System.


Automatic Doors are Programmable to suit the following adjustments:

Fully open
Partially open
Exit only
Entry only
Always closed
Break-out features
Safety to the user through Light barriers
Customized systems to suit requirements of entrance system

Microprocessors of Automatic Doors have an inbuilt self-learning cycle which ensures safety and reliability every time the door operates.


Automatic Door    



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